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Endau Rompin and Gunung Ledang Adventure Summer Camp - Information


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Malaysia – is one of the world’s twelve mega-diversity countries. Endau Rompin is regarded as a “hotspot”. It is located at Mersing and Segamat districts of Johore. They are two entry points to Endau Rompin Johor National Park which is through Kg. Peta in Mersing and Kg. Selai in Segamat. The park covers 48,905 hectares. It was gazetted as a National Park on 2 September 1993. The ecosystem in this park is tropical rain forest. This forest category as a tropical rainforest.

Places of Interest at Endau Rompin (Peta)
Visitor Complex (Peta); Orang Asli village; Jetty; NERC (10 min – boat ride from Kg Peta); Kuala Jasin (45 min – boat ride from Kg Peta); Kuala Marong (1 hour 30 min – trekking from Kuala Jasin); Tasik Air Biru (10 min – trekking from Kuala Marong); Upeh Guling (30 min – trekking from Kuala Marong); Batu Hampar (1 hour 30 min – trekking from Kuala Marong); Buaya Sangkut (3 hour – trekking from Batu Hampar); Janing Barat ( 1 hour 30 mins trekking from Kuala Jasin ); Pantai Burung ( 10 mins walk from Visitor Complex).


Selai was officially opened to public in 2003. It is the second gateway to the Endau Rompin Johor, National Park. The park has an area of 48,000 hectare of which 2/3 is located at Selai.

A scientific expedition was held in 2002, and it was jointly organised by Johor National Park Corporation and Univ. Malaya. (UM). Selai is named after Kampung Selai, an Orang Asli village near the entrance. Bekok, the nearest town to the Park, is about 26 km to Selai

Park’s main attractions
Selai is the land of endless waterfalls. Countless waterfalls-great and small are found inside the park. They are really the jewel of the forest. Some of the well-known waterfalls are Takah 
Tinggi,Takah Pandan,Takah Berangin,Takah Beringin.


Johor National Park based in Gunung Ledang, located in the district of Ledang, Johor. This mountain had been gazetted as a national park on 3rd October 2005, but commenced its operations in July 2003. The size of the park is 8,611 hectares.

Geology of Gunung Ledang.
The Gunung Ledang granitic mass is made up basically of a medium to coarse-grained non-porphyritic granite grading, in parts, into adamellite. Leucocratic varieties are also present, although such rocks are generally less common. The granitic mass intrudes into the Middle to Upper Triassic sedimentary rocks in the central portion of the area. The age of this intrusive. It is estimated at 57 million years (Lower Tertiary).

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