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Endau Rompin Taman Negara Adventure Summer Camp, Corporate Adventure Tour & TeamBuilding


Hi, are you looking for Adventure Summer Camp, Adventure Tour Package into Taman Negara Endau Rompin in either Kampung Peta Entry or Selai ? We are you operator, we have ample experience & Staff to handle your Tour. Please contact us for more information.

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Selai at Endau Rompin

Endau-Rompin is one of Malaysia premier National Park located in the southeastern part of Peninsular Malaysia. Together with Taman Negara and Royal Belum State Park it contains some of the oldest rainforests in the world. The name comes from the two rivers that run through the park; the Endau River and the Rompin River. People that visit the national park do so to visit the many wonderful waterfalls, or to visit the Orang Asli tribes. The park is not easily accessible (by normal vehicles) which makes it an attraction especially popular among adventure seekers.

There are many wildlife species that live in the park, chances on spotting them are slim as they have ample space to roam around within the park boundaries. The national park is known for having the largest remaining population of the highly endangered Sumatran rhinoceros. Other animals that live in the national park are the white-handed gibbon, Malaysian tiger, Asian elephant, wild boar, tapir, slow loris, deer, long-tail macaques and leopards. Among the many bird species that live in the park are the horn-bills and kingfishers. As most of the animals know how to evade visitors it is more common to spot insects, spiders and the occasional snake.

Unit of Petronas Malacca at Selai, Endau Rompin 

Petronas Malacca - Selai at Endau Rompin
Endau Rompin - Selai, Lubok Tapah Welcomes You !

Petronas Malacca - Adventure Teambuilding Endau Rompin Selai
Cooking for Petronas Team - Endau Rompin Selai

Simple Cook Picnic Lunch on buffet style - we have our own equipment & cook to follow your team.

Petronas - Adventure TeamBuilding at Selai Endau Rompin
En Kamaruddin giving welcome speeches to Team.

Petronas Malacca - Adventure TeamBuilding at Selai, Endau Rompin
First Action Game - Petronas Malacca

Petronas Malacca Endau Rompin Selai Adventure TeamBuilding
Team Spirit before Trekking to Takah Pandan Waterfalls

Some of the Rocky Climb & Walk Way to Takah Pandan Waterfalls.

The national park has three main entry points, two located within the state of Johore and one within the state of Pahang. The two entry points in Johor are mostly used by visitors. At the eastern side of the park you have the Peta entrance. Travelers that come from Kuala Lumpur also enter the park at the Peta entrance. The Selai entrance, southwest of the national park, is becoming more accessible. At this side of the national park you will find a huge amount of beautiful waterfalls. In this area most of the remaining tigers and elephants live. The most preferred mode of transport and advisable will be by 4x4.

Petronas - Takah Pandan Waterfall at Selai Endau Rompin - Adventure Teambuilding
We are the Proud Team, all made it, nearly. Not too bad. We can see the Spirit in the Team !

Takah Pandan Waterfalls - Adventure Teambuilding Selai Endau Rompin
Yes, we made it ! Takah Pandan Waterfall, after 1 hour treacherous trekking !

Petronas - Adventure TeamBuilding at Selai Endau Rompin
Swimming in Takah Pandan Waterfall Pool, Cooling & Enjoyable though cetek ya ! due to no rain.

BBQ Dinner Preparing for the Team !

BBQ at Selai Endau Rompin - Adventure TeamBuilding

2nd Day
30 Jun 2012 Saturday
Lubok Tapah, Selai, Endau Rompin

Petronas Malacca - Adventure Teambuilding at Selai Endau Rompin
Breakfast before the next activities

Petronas - Adventure Teambuilding at Selai Endau Rompin
En Kamaruddin Feeding Bread to Fishes

River Tubing Activities

First Team to take up the Tubing Challenge !

1 of the way to wear a life jacket...

Yes we made it, though took more then hour, reaching the finish line is equally important !

The Champion Posing ! 43 minutes !

Farewell Lunch

The Farewell Pictures, the overall Achievers ! You have done it ! Congratulations !

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